In this section: About you
Let us know who you're working for.
What business sector do you recruit for?
How many people work at your company?
What should we call you?
What's your role within your company?
Where in the world are you?
We'd love to talk to you!
What’s the one thing about your business that you are most excited about?
What are the most significant business challenges? Choose up to three options from the list below.
What are your three biggest challenges as a leader? Choose up to three options from the list below.
In this section: Your employees
How easy do you find it to attract quality new talent to your business?
How would you describe the general levels of employee engagement and motivation across your business?
How many of your employees are currently underperforming?
Do the leaders in your business have a clear, concise strategic plan to grow their areas of the business?
How would you rate the current performance of your leadership team?
In this section: Your business development
What percentage of your existing customers this year are new customers?
How much of your business comes from just a handful of customers?
How effective are you at growing your market share within your existing customer base?
New Customers and Existing Customers – how much of your revenue comes from new customers and how much comes from existing customers?
In this section: Marketing
Do you have a clearly defined brand proposition?
How do you differentiate yourself in the market (it can be a combination)?
How much total market share do you have in your market?
Would your customers define your business as...
What impact does your current marketing / social media activity have on your generation of new customers?
What impact does your current marketing / social media activity have on the retention of existing customers?
In this section: Systems and processes
Do your current processes create greater efficiencies for your employees?
Do you have the right systems and processes in place currently to be able to manage your future growth plans?
To what extent are you confident in your current compliance control (i.e. all contractors are robustly vetted, all payroll solutions are robust and relevant, consultants are as confident and knowledgeable as they need to be to demonstrate appropriate ‘duty of care’)
Rate your current understanding of key recruitment and contractor legislation
In this section: Products and services

(Consider your “products” to include the different types and levels of roles you recruit for)

Do you have a varied mix of products and services that you offer to your clients?
Do you currently measure the true value of each of your products and services?
Do your sales efforts focus more on those products and services that generate the greatest value?
To what extent are you developing additional products and services to meet customer demand?
In this section: Customer experience

(Consider your “customers” to include both clients and candidates)

What is your current retention of customers?
Do you know why your customers leave you when they do leave?
How much of your new business comes through referrals?
How robust is your customer feedback?
How willing would your customers be to go out of their way to recommend your business (where 10 is 'they would and they do all the time' and 1 is 'they would never' )?
How do you manage the customer experience?
In this section: Financials (optional)
  Forecast for Current Year Target for Current Year
Turnover (Revenue)
Turnover (Revenue) is the total amount of money received for all the sales of your products and services
Cost of Sales (Direct Costs)
Cost of Sales are the total sum of all the costs used to create those product or service that you have sold
Gross Profit (Net Fee Income)
Gross Profit is the difference between your Revenue and your Cost of Sales
  Forecast for Current Year Target for Current Year
Staff costs and salaries
Staff Costs should include all salaries, NI, PAYE of all your workforce, including all commissions and bonuses that you may pay out percentage of gross profit
Non-staff costs
Non-Staff Costs are the total costs of everything you have to spend in order to run your business, excluding the staff costs amount you added above percentage of gross profit
Net Profit Before Tax
Net Profit Before Tax is calculated as your total Gross Profit minus your total overheads percentage of gross profit
Average Deal Size (Revenue - ££)
What is the typical size of a sale in your business? This doesn’t have to be exact, but just a general feel for the value of a typical sale that your make in your business.
Required Number of Deals
The Required Number of Deals is calculated as your Turnover divided by the Average Deal Size
Client Classification
A Client – value (££)
If you had to classify your customers in to one of three categories based on their tyical average annual spend with your business, what would the typical spend be of one of your more higher value customers each year?
B Client – value (££)
What would the typical spend be of one of your average value customers each year?
C Client – value (££)
What would the typical spend be of one of your low value customers each year?